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    I'm still a relatively new fly fisherman. I started last summer after getting out of motorcycles. I'm out of Knoxville and normally split my fishing time between the GSMNP and the Clinch - however for some reason I think of the Tremont as "home base" - I don't know why, I don't think I've ever caught a fish on that stream.

    I still have a ton to learn. If you see a guy in camo hand-me-down neoprene waders in the park pulling on a fly stuck in a tree or sitting on a rock untangling his leader, chances are that's me.

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    Welcome to the board! You have chosen one of the prettiest streams as your "home base"! You have also picked a really great spot here to glean some valuable information from some of the areas best up on the Smokys Thread and you are sure to get some tips that will help you!

    Again, welcome!


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