Remember the catch phrase from the advertisements of the American Dairy Farmers Association..."Got Milk?" Well now...

I read the Fishing reports and talk to quite a few fisherman, and all I hear about are nymphs and dries. Some of your more "technical" fishermen prefer the latest rage emerger patterns tyed up with the latest innovative synthetic dubbing blends and such.

My question is: How many of you fisher people are flinging the ole soft hackles and classic wet flies? If you are, like myself, you are probably catching fish!

I talked to quite a few fishermen yesterday on the little river (Sun., 4/2/06) and all had tryed to dries and nymphs with very little success. None had even tied on a soft hackle! Some had fished a few wooly buggers to no avail. Now I admit, I had a tough day too, but 3 respectable Bows and a Brownie were brought to hand on sz 14 gold ribbed hares ear softie (fished double tandem) and prince softies sz 12 respectively.

I find when there are bugs, but no risers, and nymphs ain't gettin it done, fish varying levels of the water column with a soft hackle (or two) and I will usually get into fish. The ties are fairly simple, the materials for them are cheap. Why not fish them The english "spider" type flies have been around for some 500 odd years, ie. Partridge and Orange, and they still catch fish!

Who else out there can share a success story fishing wet flies? Ya'll can come out of the closet now...