Hey all, I hope I don't start a war here or bring any animosity towards me, but I was just wondering how you all would resolve someone you see fishing illegally in the park. I fly fish and have fished the park for more than 5 years now, and I repepeatedly see spin fisherman using corn, worms, and often times spoons with treble hooks. In the five years I have fished, I have never once been checked by Park Rangers, nor have I seen any of them stop these "tourons" as a fellow LRO member stated. I am not one to start an argument with anyone over issues such as this, but I used to work for TWRA on Fort Loudon and had to deal with a lot of problems with fisherman without licenses or illegal sizes and creels. Since I got out of that line of work I don't feel I really have any jursidiction or any ability to request another fisherman cease their actions. Just wondering how the rest of you feel on this subject. I know that this weekend will bring the redneck corn chuckers out of hiding for the brookies and I hate to see this go on unchecked or unannounced. I don't mind paying the prices for fishing licenses, trout stamps, donations to TU and the like, but to see some tourist or worse a native fisherman violate the rules just burns me up. Just so you know, what turned over my soap box, I found a treble hooked spoon hanging from a tree in Metcalfe bottoms over the weekend, and the hooks did not show even the slightest sign of rust. I know that as the summer approaches this sort of thing will only get worse. Tell me if I am wrong for saying anything or if I should just keep my mouth shut on the streams. Thanks again guys, and good luck this weekend. Gas prices may have me stuck at home so catch one for me.