The folks at Yellowstone Nat Park say that in case you are attacked by a bear--take no action--do not run--fall to the ground--get in fetal position and hope for the best.The folks at SMNP say the opposite,that is,fight the bear,stay on the offensive until bear leaves.My question is this---what do you do if you are attacked by a bear(you have no bear spray) wheather it be in Yellowstone,the Smokies or in Fayette Mall.Does your reaction to a bear attack,depend on the type of bear attacking you?Have any of you felt like you were close to being attacked by a bear?What did you do?I have fished the Smokies for 34 years and have only run across bear on about 6 occasions I can think of--Neither I or the bear felt at risk.Since the little girl was killed by a bear at Cherokee and having recently seen a bizarre movie called --Grizzley Man--I once again ponder mans behavior when visiting the bear's natural domain.