I am looking for suggestions on good wading boots and caring for wading boots. *I've been using the Patagonia boots for a couple of years now. *The first pair wore out within about 1 year and they replaced them for me. *Now the second pair is falling apart even worse than the first pair less than a year after I got them. *I guess I'm just too hard on my boots. *First question, how long should I expect a good pair of boots to last me? *To put this in perspective, I fish probably 60-70 days a year and a lot of these days includes hiking at least some in my wading boots. *Should I try to refrain from hiking while wearing my boots? *

Secondly, has anyone ever used a shoe repair shop to fix wading boots? *I'm thinking about trying to get mine restitched and new felt soles put on. *Is this worth the money or should I just get a new pair.
Finally, any recommendations on wading boots would be appreciated as I might end up needing to buy a new pair. I'm a college student so price is a factor...

Thanks for any help and advice!

David Knapp