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Thread: Snakes

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    Isnt it the rattlesnake that has the rattles on it?

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    Growing up in Eastern Kentucky where there is a very large venomous snake popluation, you learn very quickly what is poisonous and what is not. Pit vipers have a triangular shaped head which is easily recognizable from any distance. Rattlesnakes don't always rattle but that is not an inference that they are not poisonous and copperheads have a varying range of color schemes depending on the time of year. I have also been in situations where we have blasted in coal operations and discovered dens of snakes that included non-venomous and venomous in one den, something the "experts" have stated does not happen. I was also "lucky" enough to hook a cottonmouth while fishing in western TN in a lake where only the locals would attest to their existence because the "experts" denied the possibility. Improbable does not mean impossible and the important thing is to be careful, regardless of where you are.

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    I have had a snake actually strike a fly once. *It curled up in the air and dug under a rock. *Luckily the fly line broke or I might have left the rod there....hehe

    I have also looked down before stepping and saw a river snake right where I was about to step.. After dancing it took me about 10 minutes to get back in the water.....

    Both of these times it was in shallow water in the late summer....
    a few years back my youngest son and I were fishing above Tremont, and he said something about these little snakes all over the place (he was about a hundred fifty feet from me). I finally went up there to see what he was talking about. There were baby copperheads all over the place!
    Now I can deal with a rattler without too much trouble, but just hate copperheads. Told him to start tamping his butt end of the rod on the ground, so they'd move out of his way. After about ten minutes he was out of there. The next day we were on the same stream again, but further upstream. I was using a Loomis two weight rod, and somehow managed to actually snag a copper head right behind the neck!! Needless to say the snake was not at all happy!! Was turning that rod into a pretzel, and as I was reaching for my knife to cut the line the leader finally broke. A year later on the same stream again I had another copperhead strike at me, but missed as I was comming out of a creek bottom. Have come to the conclusion that the Middle Prong is a natural copperhead habitat!

    Lastly: if you don't like rattlers, then don't even think about going to Utah or Wyoming! Utah must have more rattlers per square foot than any place on the planet. You just got to learn to live with them.

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