First the good news. Went fishing at the bridge at the confluence of the west and middle prong today. I got into town late and just wanted to get into the water. It turned out to be a pretty good idea. On my third cast of a bead head nymph I hooked up with a 13 inch 'Bow". Biggest I have ever caught in the Park and my first ever on a nymph. Nothing else for the rest of the afternoon, but I consider that a pretty good day.

Now the bad news. Possibly the reason the fishing went downhill is because of the 4 young men who decided to jump off the bridge. I know there is a big sign saying that is not allowed, but I guess these yahoos can't read. They each jumped 4 times for a total of 16 cannonballs within 25 feet of where I was fishing. Nothing like a little bridge jumping to ruin someones fishing. This is the 3rd time in 3 straight trips where I have had something like this happen to me. Last year it was two people and their dog splashing behind me just down stream from Tremont, and 2 years ago it was a mother throwing her kids in behind me in the LR. You would think 500K+ acres would be big enough to get a little solitude when you are in the river. Maybe I am just old fashioned enough to think that people should show some consideration for others, but maybe that is asking for too much now a days.

Thanks for letting me. Tomorrow I will be moving higher up, maybe that will give me more peace. :-/