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Thread: where does gatlinburg waters start?

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    Default where does gatlinburg waters start?

    I am coming up this weekend and bringing a novice spinfisher and his 2 children. I was thinking about sending them below the bypass bridge below the childrens stream. Does anyone know it that is park water or Gatlinburg. I would hate for them to get a ticket for being in Gatlinburg water with out a lincense Gatlinburg lincense.
    My son and I are going to head to the park I posted the other week about easy acess points sence I will be disobeying the doctor with a healing broken foot I just have to fly fish or I will go nuts. I recieved some great responses to my other post. Thanks. But, I was also considering the paved path at the old suraglands trail, and also the Gatlnburg trail. I know I will be dealing with at lot of people. but I have seen very few people fishing either area. Has anyone fished these?
    see ya all at lro sat.

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    Default Re: where does gatlinburg waters start?

    The area between Gatlinburg and Pigeon forge is known as the "spur" and I can't remember if where the childrens stream ends is where the need for a Gatlinburg permit is ends as well...if you stop at the childrens stream area there are little mailboxes with gatlinburg fishing maps on it with better boundary any rate, a trout stamp will be needed in addition to regular day licenses - then the extra Gatlinburg stamp if you do plan on fishing any waters on the map. Don't know how young your friends kids are, but if under 12 will have a blast in the childrens waters - they stock some fatties in there for them. I like to take my 3 and 4 year old there when they want to go fishing.
    As far as the paved trail for fishing, haven't been there in a while- but the gradient is not too bad and there are some nice fish around, waters colder there year round - but its spring time and fish are feeding. If you go up a little more to some of those "quiet walkways" immeditaly past the sugarland trail on the left, access is too bad, and you'll definately find some solitude but only be minutes from the main road.

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    I have a 8yr old girl and a 13yr old boy. Both have fished the childrens stream from the time the could hold the spining rod. My son is bummed out because I will not let him fish the childrens stream. But if sort helps me push a fly rod in his hand, makes him feel more grown up!

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