Ironically, I also had a close call on the Middle Prong yesterday. I parked at the first one lane bridge above Tremont at about 7AM. To make a long story short, I slipped and fell into a deep run. My waders filled and after a few scary moments I ended up on the far bank. With no way to safely cross back to the road I started hiking toward the Smoky Mountain Institute. There were several places where I had to climb to get around the steep walls. With the river so high I had no choice. After 2 long climbs I was too exhausted, cold and wet to climb when I came to the third. I stood on the far bank and was able to wave down a couple of guys from Nashville (Brian and ?) who tied together some bungee cords, threw them across the river and towed me to safety. (I you guys read this, I am eternally grateful. Drop me an email if you get a chance.) I was lucky. I have always been a little to aggressive in my wading, and yesterday it caught up with me. Please be careful out there.

Finally, if anyone finds the butt end (with a Ross reel) or tip end of a Winston WT, 8' 4WT, please give me a shout.