I spend most of my fishing time on Snowbird Creek. I am going to start giving a report from my trips over there. Any questions are welcome.
Last weekend May 6-7, 06.
Fishing was decent water temp was 56%. Not one fish taken on a dry fly during the mid-mornging to 1:30 outing. The fish were taking large golden stones. Took 6 fish most in the first hour fishing a large (#8 or #10) bead head squirrel tail nymph. Some other were caught on a second nymph (#14 bh hairs ear). Actually a chub hit the smaller nympy so I cut it off! The morning session brought two brookies and 4 rainbows to hand, two of the bows were in the 12-13" range and jumped 5-6 times each (I love the spring time!)
A few were stockers (brookies), a few wild. Water was a little off color, suspect that was the reason for the lack of attention to the dries.
Later (last hour of day light) I did find several fish rising to golden stones or yellow caddis, they took the stone! 11 & 13" brown and one smaller brookie. These fish look healthy (fat) are definately strong, the brookies were dull. Is that a stocker trait or just a trait of the season.
Anyway I bet I will fish golden stones, dry or wet or yellow caddis for the better part of the summer.
The creek is full of good szed golden stones. I was fishing about 6 miles above the Lake.
Tight lines,