Seems ages since I posted anything. With the stream closed the month of March I did manage a day or two in the Park. Had one day in the park with snow flying when they rainbows were eager to take a quill gordon with near abandon!
Can't say I have had much in the dry fly fishing on Snowbird yet. I have spent several hours floating dries to no avail. Switching to nymphs has proved that there are still a few fish in the creek. Weekend before last the nymph fishing was even slow until a downpour occured, it was as if someone flipped a switch, the fish seemd to be taking the nymphs at the bottom of the drift, when the fly swung and started to rise. I think I managed 5 fish in an hour with the best a strong 14 or 15" bow, with perfect scales and fins. I like to think these are immature fish up from the lake chasing the young fish in the stream, but they may be stockers. One certainly was; a 13 or 14" brookie, had to be a stocker where I caught it......... miles below the backcountry. Water temps so far are in the upper 50's, made my knees hurt without waders. (couldn't be age Steve!)
Have not seen many bugs on the lantern yet either, no golden stones at all yet. I hope the floods from winter haven't scoured the creek....... or something hasn't poisened the creek and killed the bugs.... paranoia! I hope.
I will get back in a week or two and the large golden stones ought to be making an appearance, I will keep you posted. If I can find a pic I will post.
I bet I have just killed an hour trying to post some photos to photobucket, can't get it done tonight for some reason, too tired I bet.
Will try later.