Got out for a few hours last night to fish the Davidson. Started fishing approx. 6:00 p.m. Weather was little chilly, approx. 58-60 degree air temp., which slowed the bug activity a little. However, first pool had quite a few cahills coming off in sized 14 and 16 with quite a few fish rising. Tied on a dry and caught 2 small browns about 7". Appeared the fish were focused more on emergers, the dry really didn't get a lot of attention and the rises were very fast and splashy which always makes me think the fish are in a hurry to get an emerger before it gets away. Then I tied on an 18 RFSN. Got probably anothe6 6 takes, but only hooked and landed 2. The nymph fish were better, about a 10" rainbow and a 12-13" brown. My experience on the davidson is that the bigger fish are almost always caught sub-surface and that hardest time to catch fish on a dry is during a hatch. I tend to fish nymphs during a hatch and then prospect with a dry when there is little to no hatch. Figured maybe there is some people out there interested to know what is going on in NC.