hi everyone,
i really hope someone can help me out here and it may be a long post that dont make sense but im posting for my boyfriend.
he just broke his tls trident 10 ft 6 weight 2 piece rod.it will take them a while to fix as they dont have any new ones.
the chaps at orvis have offered him a powermatrix 9ft 6 weight 4 piece or a 10ft 6 weight 2 piece t3.

obviously if he gets the t3 he has to pay alittle more.

is the t3 a better rod than the power matrix graphite wise or is it just the cork etc thats better as i noticed it says power matrix is made with same technology as t3.

also his trident is a mid flex and we got told tip flex is better.
he goes to private fisheries etc here in uk so he uses the rod from boats he also uses it from shore and he throws all sorts of flies like big lures with gold heads etc.sometimes he will have 4 flies on his cast at one time.

so can you guys help out with what rod to get.he doesnt have time to try them out etc as hes going on a fishing holiday next week and is working till the day he leaves.

he was also told a 9ft 6 rod will cast further than a 10 ft rod.as i said he has always used the 10ft but is now thinking of going for power matrix 9ft 6 because we were told it casts further..

any help would be really really apreaciated and i know everyone prefers difrent rods etc but a general opinion would be great