It was a wild week at work, so I am just getting a chance to report on the Upper East Tennessee trip last week.

Last Friday morning- Fished below Little Wilbur and caught lot's of little brown SNIT's (standard nine inch trout), I think we still smelled the fumes of the stocking truck when we pulled up to park. Also, we caught some decent rainbows.

Last Friday afternoon- Fishing at SoHo in the pouring rain was marginal at best, however the fish that were caught had a lot of "energy". The trip was cut a little short by intense lightning, graphite rods and H2O.

SoHo Wildlife Report- while walking the trail beside the river we did see something that resembled bear activity, complete with digested berries. I don't know if there are bear in that area, but the middle of the river started looking pretty good at that point

Friday Night Eating Report- grilled hotdogs, fried potatos and grilled onion. George did join in on the late night menu.

Saturday morning- fished our Favorite Super Secret Spot (FSSS). Lot's of rainbows in the 12-13" range and some very healthy browns.

FSSS Wildlife Report- Low flying geese and two snakes provided the entertainment.

Saturday evening- we hit the quality zone at Watauga and again did very well, before returning to camp.

Quality Zone Wildlife Report-
humans are certaninly more "entertaining" than animals

Saturday Night Eating Report- Grilled rainbow, hamburgers, grilled potatos, grilled onion, HOT trail mix and we saw a wild turkey in print a time or two.

Comparaduns, BWO's, BHPT's, copper johns, sulphers, busta-browns, and even tellico's produced fish all weekend.

See Mattsmarg's post under Upper East Tennessee for the Sunday activities and which streamers work best.

All in all a great weekend of fishing and eating.