Rainshaker, yes you are right I got off subject a little but mostly because the two issues are related. Yes, a lot of people that trash the streams don't read fly fishing magazines, but some of the flyfishers are to blame for littering also. I think we need to realize that not all fly fisherman are as considerate as we might think they are. I believe that the issue is not if a single article in Fish&Fly will have an impact on Greenbrier. I noticed a trend lately. It is not merely a single article. It was several pictures in both Fish&Fly and TU's Trout Magazine. I have noticed that there are much more people on certain streams in latter years than say mid nineties. This is a result of the Internet and again I'm not so much opposed to sharing the stream. I just wish people will obey the law. I know this is nothing we can solve or do much about but I believe we can make a difference by showing others. Begin by picking up trash along the streams and tread lightly. I'm ending this by a funny sidenote: I'm guilty of littering myself today. How is that possible you may ask? Especially after my preaching. Well. I foolishly tried to reach a rock which was out of my proper reach on Abrams today. Result: Took a forced shower in 50 degree water and lost my water bottle, I looked at it for at least five minutes as it was sailing down the river. In a couple fo weeks some guy or gal at the other end of Abrams will shout. I"M SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THIS TRASH