I fished Caney Fork yesterday and had the worst run in with what I consider a redneck I have every had. I hit the river at around 8:30am, there was a small hatch on. (sulfurs? still trying to learn to identify hatches) Hooked up on on nice rainbow and 7 or 8 small stockers. About 9:45 a couple came down the bank, didn't bother me on the caney you learn to deal with corn and one once sinkers being lobbed around you, But, these two were way beyond normal. First off they set thier cooler and tackle boxes on the bank right in front of me. Then the man in a loud voice exclaimed " look that dumb _ of _ is standing in our honey whole." the lady replied with a loud belch. I just changed to a wolly bugger and continued fishing. They wadded up stream a little ways and started lodding the one ounce sinkers across the stream. I caught a couple more stockers, when I heard the lady exclaim that she had one. it was a small stocker that I was glad to see her return to the water. The flelow told her that it was bad luck to let a small one go! and should have kept it. Well I continued to fish when I heard the sound of water being pourd into the river. When I turned around the man had heeded to the call of nature and was using the river. That was enought for me < I debated about saying something, but just decided to move on and fish someplace else.
It takes all kinds to make the world, but some I don't need to be around.