I recently visited the Townsend area (May 20- May 27). As I was visiting with my wife, who doesnít fish, fishing was not intended to be my primary activity. I enjoy fishing very much, and living in Indiana. I donít get much of an opportunity to fish for trout, so I was looking forward to whatever time I could spend on the water. On Tuesday morning I realized that I had left all of my gear at home except my fly rod. I stopped at LRO on my way into the park and talked to Daniel Drake. I explained what had happened, and ask about the possibility of renting equipment. Daniel told me that they did not rent, but after asking what weight rod I had, told me that he thought he could round up a reel that I could use for a few days. Daniel directed me to a couple of areas that he thought I could fish without waders. I bought a few flies, a couple of leaders, tippet, floatant and a 3-day license. I caught a few fish, but more importantly, had a relaxing mind flush on the river, which I needed very much.

It seems to me, that at many businesses, good customer service is a thing of the past. That is not the case at LRO.

Thatís it, I just wanted to take a few minutes and share this, and thank Daniel and LRO for turning a huge disappointment, into a beautiful memory. I appreciate it very much.