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Thread: Green Weenie

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    Ode to the Green Weenie - i'll work late spring to late fall when nothing else will, I usually tie mine with the looped rear end and a black bead head as a dropper off a EHC for the pocket water and its worth tossing as the t storms start the water level rising - sort of like a scud during the rising and falling tailwater...
    tying San Juan style works great as well, use some silver or chartreuse wire or whatever color u want for segmentaion....

    May you find a rise in every puddle... - WATERBORN

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    Brian Courtney is a preacher from Lake City and he ties all the Green Weenies we sell which is usually 8 to 10 dozen per week. He says the 1/4" loop on the back gives it action. I've used Weenies for years and I didn't know this. I think George Harvey was the first to come up with this fly.


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    The simplicity of that fly absolutly amazes me!


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