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Thread: Greetings from Texas

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    Hello everyone. My name is Jerry as is my wifes. Hers is Jeri We will be staying in Tounsend the week of the 4th of July Looking forward to fishing an mabey a day of golf. Jim R. May be up there this week if so and he reads this , Save some for me. Would like to get some advice since I am new an mostly only fish the little mo in Ark. Thanks Jerry

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    Hey Jerry,

    Be sure to stop in at the LRO fly shop for advise. Also be prepaired for lots of people to be in the park. You might only be able to fish in front of where you are staying. LOL Not sure what truck you are taking but I use 38.3 gallons of gas from the fly shop to my front door in Bossier. Hope you have better luck with the fish than I did. Next time I will hire a guide.

    I tie flies to give fish something to laugh at.

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