Went out for an afternoon fishing excursion Sat. I have been nursing a cold all week and didn' feel like doing anything. After popping a couple of cold pills I felt well enough to go try Little River. I wanted to do the evening Yellow Sally hatch, so I decided to do a couple of hours on Thunderhead prong and then head down to Metcalf Bottoms area in the evening. I got to to Thunderhead Prong at about 3 pm. I walked upstream and saw two other fly fishermen in the stream. They didn't see me so I went further upstream and gave them a wide berth. I began fishing at 3:30 pm and caught and released 7 small bows within two hours. I missed a few more and then decided to head back when I arrived at the mouth of Sams Creek which is still closed. I went back and ran into another gentleman riggin up at the mouth of Thunderhead Prong. He said he was from GA and he was a beginner. He had fished the stocked waters in Gatlinburg with spinning gear and was ready to try Fly Fishing in the pm. I gave him a few pointers and gave him my Yellow Stimulator which I had been using. I made it to the car and drove down the hills to about a mile above Metcalf Bottoms. I rigged up and fished for two more hours. I immediately lost a Bow by being clusmy. I had slack line and the bow jumped straight up in the air. It was perhaps ten inches. I was using my old standby Yellow Stim size 14. I had many strikes and managed to land 4 Rainbows and 1 Brown Trout. None of the fish were of any size to brag about but fun anyway since they were taking on top. I didn't notice much of a hatch. A few sporadic Little Yellow Stones but that was about it. The water temp was 64. I don't know if I hit it at the tailend or not since we have gotten real muggy warm weather. Maybe the hatch has moved upstream to cooler temps? I dont' know. All in all a good nice day in the mountains nevertheless.