My family and I were up last week. Spent most time doing Dollywood ect. But, I did get a few hours in Flyfishing. Friday 6/9 afternoon I fished below Chimley Top picnic area for about 1.5 hours and caught six small bows in the plunge pools using a stimulator with a pheasants tail dropper. Only problem I had was the fact that I left my wading boats in the chalet on ski mountian road. and I can report that crocks are not a good alternative for wadding boots, I did alot of sliding and slipping untill I decided to move sitting on my b...t and slide over the boulders. *Then sunday 6/11 I fished in the early afternoon again between Elkmont and and the pinic area. Had my wadding boots this time. Again caught a few small bows on the same rigg. Didn't have much luck on drys, but it was early afternoon.
* As always my thanks goes to Lro and staff. The shop always make me feel welcome and provides great advice. my next trip up will be in Sept when Lefty is there. Had a great time last year. I may be calling to order a pair of wadding sandals that may work better than crocks.