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    Hi Paula,Byron aka Tarpooooon Master and everyone else,
    Well made it back to Ky.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the help.
    Paula, well you have started another problem....this addiction I have with the C&F fly boxes! Man wish I had done this along time ago they are great.
    Need to put the display either on the counter or at the door where a numb minded (from all the ora of the shop) flyfisher will say hey......these are hummm
    just what I have been looking for.
    Oh ya Hey BILL have you tried the secret fly??
    Well thanks again,
    Don't make fun of my hat!

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    Default Re: Thanks LRO


    Thanks for your post! *It is always great to see you when you are in town.

    As to your addiction to C&F boxes....I am such an enabler! *Glad you like them. *It really is a wonderful system.

    Since you posted, Bill has been in Utah fishing the Green River. *I will make sure he answers you about the *secret* fly you tied.

    Thanks for being such a great LRO friend.


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