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    Where is the "Glory Hole" to which you refer in the fishing report? Do you know how it got it's name? Just wanted a point of reference.
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    If we told you, we would have to kill you!! *Just kidding!

    "The Glory Hole" is located on the Middle Prong of Little River. *It is at the second bridge. *It is so named because it has the perfect hold for a really large trout. *In the 1970's or so, a 29" brown was caught out of there...then, about 5 years ago, Tim Doyle caught a 25" brown from the same location.

    Walter has watched big fish there, but has never found one in the eating mood. *So, while they may be in takes a patient angler to land one of these monsters!


    Th8....btw...Did you get my pm about your order being in? *It is...

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