Wanted to put the picture by itself before I write the ramblings. Anyway, I went up Greenbrier Yesterday with my friend Pineman. We met up at Ramsay Cascades Trailhead at 11 a.m. I had talked with two other fishermen that morning. One of the guys was a gentleman from CA. He caught a few roadside. As we were rigging up several other fishermen were either fixing to walk up the trail or had fished earlier that morning. We began fishing at around 11:30 am and the weather was sunny. We began to pick up small fish immediately and as we were hiking upstream we caught more and more. I caught several decent Brook Trout that might measure seven inches each. I started to get really excited since I was about to experience my best quantity day in the Smokies ever. I was getting cocky and excited and before I know it I threw my Yellow Stimulator in to a fast run and caught the Bow in the picture. He was 9+ inches. This was later in the day and the bow's were getting active. I went upstream and cast in the next pool and lo and behold if I didn't catch another one in the same size. I couldn't believe my luck. I managed to catch and release 40 Brook Trout and 13 Rainbows today. My best day ever in the park. I lost several more good sized bows and everything was just unbelievable. I couldn't help my grin on my face and as I was getting a little to assured of myself the inevitable happened. The Fish God's decided to take me back down to earth. I instantly fell on my back and arm and got really soaked. It is hurting pretty bad this morning but it was worth it. Neal was doing okay but lost a few of his better ones. Just one of them days when it was my lucky day. Next time I'll get skunked. I know for a fact how everything has to fall in place once in awhile but it is no guarantee for it to happen. The water temp was 62 and the afternoon produced two thundershowers which I believe made the fishing better.