I fished below Emmit Bridge today. Alot of sulphurs comming off and alot of NICE fish rising. I caught five out of the big riffle (the "Go to ****" Hole) on a BH Pheasant Tail(size 16) and caught a couple on the 'flat' above it on Sulphur Dry(16). There were some larger sulphurs comming off, some maybe even size 12! The sulphurs should turn off in about a week or so and then we'll start throwin beetles and ants...cant wait! If you can get to the Holston be4 the sulfurs end- DO IT! Some of these fish are really aggresive taking these dries. All and All I had a pretty good day. Hey, 7 fish? Ill take that being that this is my first time on the Holston w/o a guide or my fishin buddy who happens to be a guide. So guys get your polarized glasses 8-) and pick up some dries , there's a whole tailwater full of trout waitin. -I STONGLY SUGGEST IT-

PM or post for further info if ya wanna.