Hello all,

I am a little late writing this report, hopefully I won't get a nasty email like my freind Hans did after her wrote his Greenbriar report :P Last Tuesday was my last day in the Smokies on my combination job search/fishing trip. I originally was supposed to be heading back to Florida on that day, but it had rained the last couple of days and I wasn't able to get any fishing done. Tuesday was a beautiful day, so I called my boss and ask for one more day of vacation. I decided to fish Lynn Camp Prong since I was camping in Townsend and it was a quick drive to the trailhead. I hiked in several miles to fish some new water on Lynn Camp. This stream has always been good to me for some reason, and it did not fail me this day either. I was getting strikes in every run hole or pool when I got a good drift on a elk hair. I caught a bundle of rainbows and my first brookies on this stream. They weren't huge fish, an average of 6", with the largest being 8", but it was a great day in the Park. Plenty of solitude, eager fish and a great environment to relax me the day before my long drive back to Florida. On another note, I hope to be moving to western Tennessee sometime in the next month as I got a job offer yesterday resulting from an interview that I completed a week ago in Nashville. It isn't a signed deal yet, but it looks promising, and I hope it works out since I am ready to move from Florida to be closer to hill country and my family in Ohio. I am glad the Smokies got some much needed rain during my visit, it sounds like things were getting pretty dry before I got there.

Enjoy the fishing, and I hope to be in the area soon