Just wondering about other's experience with different rods, their flex, and hook set. I have become accustomed to fishing a 3 weight St. Croix Legend Ultra. It is one of the older, pre IPC models, but has become my favorite Smokies rod.

I have noticed that it is hard for me to miss the set with it, yet when fishing slower rods I have to be more mindful of the set and a bit more aggressive. My best guess is that this is due to the rod's flex and with the "LU" being a faster, it helps me in this regard. In other words with the "stiffer" flex, it takes less energy to set the hook which is easily done by simply lifting it's tip on the take.

Of course it feels kind of funny to talk to other folks about fishing a faster rod in such tight stream conditions as are prone to exist in the park. I sure don't need a faster rod for distance when the average cast is in feet rather than yards.

Has anyone else noticed an advantage one way or another with regard to rod flex and setting the hook, or otherwise for that matter? I am starting to wonder if a faster rod might suit novices better because of this? Maybe it's just a by-product or after effect of my old bait casting rod days .