Let me just say that I am officially hooked. I have been fly fishing since early this year and have only gotten a chance to go a few times but have had some success everytime I go. This time I went up the middle prong Saturday and had a great time. The best day yet and I loved every minute of it.

I got a real late start so I mainly just went up to stop at the store to get ready for next weekend. I don't think I ever got the guys name that helped me at LRO but he was VERY helpful in helping me get flys and what ever I needed. I really appreciated that.

So I go about halfway up the gravel road (don't know exactly). I go down a bit to get in and I tie on a Yellow Stimulator and drop a green weenie behind it. I always wear kinda greenish clothing and this time I really was careful about stalking around. Hiding behind stuff and walking low to the water. Just great tips on this site. I ended up catching 5 all day; with it ending with the largest trout I have caught to date. A gigantic 7" brook. I know not that big but I was happy with it. Plus I am pretty sure it was a brook but I fooled with it to much already so I got it back in the water as fast as I could.

I did run into some tubers; I couldn't believe they came up that far but it was fine with me that is what you get up here on a Sat. They went over where I fishing about 4 times because they would get out and walk up and come back down. They just happened to be where I was at. I talked to them a bit when I got and they where real nice and everything. I just sit back when they came through and waited a bit and went back at it.

Well I had to leave about 4:00 to get to the in laws; but I am already looking forward to this coming Saturday.

Oh Yeah I wonder how dorky I look walking around in my wading boots with shorts on. I am guessing I am not the only one that does this. At least I hope not.

Thanks again for everything LRO. God Bless