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    I just moved to the Maryville area recently to teach at Maryville College and am looking forward to fishing the Smokies. I'm somewhat new to fly-fishing for trout although I've fly-fished a lot for bream and bass. I fished Snowbird a number of years ago and fell in love with this area. Since I'm new to this area, I'm slowly learning where to fish, mostly by reading this forum as well as the Little River website. I tried the Middle Prong last week along the gravel road but had no luck. Is it better beginning at the trailhead later in the day or early in the morning? Also, I've been reading quite a bit about Abrams Creek and would love to give it a try.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    We are in the dog days of summer and mid day fishing below an elevation of 3000ft is sluggish. I would fish from the trailhead parking area and up. even that far up I measured 65 degrees in the water last weekend. Try to find high altitude streams until we start to get some cool nights usally not until Sept. Abrams is doable and you can fish it trailside or go with a buddy for the loops. The only drawback is the tourist crowd in the cove this time of year. Abrams is best accessible during off season. i.e. early spring late fall after the leaf peekers are gone. Good Luck.

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