Thanks for the help. We just returned from the Smokies today and had a fantastic time.

I appreciate the suggestion of the Road Prong area by Hans. This was our first trip for Brookies and my two son's out fished me terribly 8-). I had already taken a brown and a rainbow so I was rather anxious to hook a brookie :-/. I believe they had landed a total of 12 between the two of them before I finally landed one myself. It was a small ~4" fish but my next one was slightly over 7". We caught fish on green weenies, pink weenies, BHPT, Tellico nymphs, yellow stimulators, and parachute adams'. We always use barbless hooks even in warmwater fishing and we released them all to fight another day. Brook trout are beautiful fish. We are already trying to plan our next trip.

Another plug for LRO, they were extremely helpful in planning several parts of our trip even on things not pertaining to fishing, MUCH APPRECIATED.

Tight lines,