Just now got a chance to post about this weekend and I hate to say I am a little bummed.

I had everything ready for last weekend. Got all the flies and everything I thought I would need so I could get up early Saturday so I was REAL excited about getting to go out early on Saturday especially after all the rain and cooler temps. Well it did not work out exactly how I expected.

First I could not sleep Friday Night because I think I was so excited.
I get up early Saturday anyway. Drive all the way up to the end of the gravel road past Tremont.
Get out and Hike up past (what I would call the chutes).
I think I may have been the first fisherman up there. A couple of hikers where there but did not see another fisherman.
Well I start casting and realize I am having a hard time seeing my Parachute Adams so I switch to a yellow stimulator so I can see it better and I was expecting to catch them on the Green Weenie anyway.
Well I pick up my rod right above the connection on my 2 piece rod. It snaps right in my hand. I did not even go to pick it up I was just starting to get to grab further down with my other hand.
I am real disappointed.
I try to do some work to get it to connect again at least to try and catch something. Needless to say but it did not work.

Oh well the fish ain't going anywhere. I got to be out in God's country for a bit. So it was not a complete loss.

The only problem I got now is don't have another rod and don't know when I will get one. I was wanting something smaller anyway.

BTW does anyone know what kind of a warrenty Orvis Rods have. I bought it right before Christmas last year. It was the Clearwater beginner Pack or somethin like that. Just wondering if they will do anything for me.

Thanks for letting rant and feel sorry for myself.

God Bless