Late August is probably one of the warmest times in the Southeast but nevertheless the urge still exists to get out into the river and fly fish. I'm trying to decide the best plan for a 4 day getaway that takes me to some of the favored waters in my neck of the woods. I have never been able to get out this time of year locally, so whatever experience the board has would be greatly appreciated. I would like to fish at least two of the waters that are driveable for me from Birmingham in the short time I have. The following is my list of candidates along with the approximate mileage from my home. I will be strictly wading and will be able to either camp or hotel it. The biggest criteria is obviously the ability to catch (or in my case fish) fish during this extreme time of year.

Toccoa - 170
Chattahoochee - 165
Hiwassee - 180
Tellico - 200
Soque - 210
Little River - 230
Clinch - 260