This is my first post on this board. *I've been reading some of your posts and have enjoyed them quite a bit. *Makes me want to head out now for the Smokies fishin'.

I live in Murfreesboro and fish for smallies and such in the Stones River, and I occasionally head to the Caney for trout. *It'll do til I can get to some real trout fishin' in E TN or out west.

My son and I will be hiking in to LeConte Lodge in mid-August. *I've not fished any of the areas around there. *Any advice on what/where to go on the hike up/down or while we're up there?

Also, we'll be bring a group of campers in late Sept/early Oct to fish for three days. *We're camping in Elkmont and plan to fish there, but our plan is to fish the "shoe" on Abrams. *I fished Abrams a couple of years ago - below the falls - but didn't get as far as the "shoe". *I've heard a lot about it - slippery/takes all day to fish/lots of fish/etc.

Any info you guys could give would be greatly appreciated. *Until then, may the fish be big and the bears small.

"I believe the Lord has blessed us all today...he's just been especially good to me."