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    Decided to do a short trip up to Jakes Creek today. I left Knoxville around 7 and got on the stream at about 8:30 am. I caught three Browns almost immediately at the end of the Elkmont community. I fished about a half a mile up and it took me about three hours. I decided to go back home after that and I stopped in LRO to buy a spool of tippet and a couple of Hoppers. Anyway, the brown were of decent size for such a small creek. They were 8" and the bows were colorful and strong. The watere temp was a cool 62. I didn't have a whole day of fishing but three hours in solitude is better than none. I ran into two spin fishermen on the trail and they were not familiar with the terrain. I told them that they would be better of at lower elevation with spinners and to wait until late evening since it is soo hot down low. I hope they caught something. Not a bad morning but next week I got to get out real early and do some serious hiking. ANYONE FROM KNOXVILLE OR EAST OF HERE WHO WOULD LIKE TO JOIN ME FOR AN ALL DAY TRIP NEXT WEEKEND SEND ME A PM.

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    Glad you had a good time. *I did a quick trip this morning too. *I went to the second one lane bridge on the middle prong and fished to the trailhead. *I caught four or five decent bows, one had some awesome color. *A really dark red stripe and dark spots. *A beautiful fish. *I missed a few and didn't get a couple to my hand, but I had a good time. *I wish I had known you were going this morning, we could have teamed up. *I'll check with the wife about next weekend and get back with you.


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