Did a Chimney Tops fishing excursion with my friend Keving today. We got on the stream at 6:45 am and fished until about 11 am when we encountered a spin fisherman fixing to rig up. We spoke to him for a minute or two and decided to yield the creek to him since we were almost to the end of our stretch. We had picked up maybe ten fish each and it was a little slow. The water temp this far up was 63 and no real hatches. We decided to fish down at Cambell overlook and as soon as we got there we noticed tracks from another fisherman. They looked old enough for us to give it a try. We never saw the other fisherman ahead of us. We fished for about two hours on this stretch and the water was pushing 66 degrees. We definitely need some cool night soon. We picked up a few fish each and I ended up with a total of 13 bow's and 3 specs today. Keving caught maybe 20 fish.

No big fish today but a beutiful but a little crowded day. I don't have a big problem with a little sharing but my biggest disapointment for the day was the unbelieavable amount of litter streamside and roadside. The litter was much worse today than I normally see. I picked up some but it is a losing battle. I don't know about you but it just brings my mood down to see it in such a beutiful setting. I am tired and my back hurts but I believe I will sleep good tonight after climbing the huge boulders today.