I made it to the Caney for the first time in awhile since I've been away for the summer. *A buddy of mine has been wanting to go fish down there together and we finally got a decent generation schedule for a few hours of fishing. *I was anticipating a very good day since it has been cooler and cloudy. *When we arrived, much to my disgust we found the river was off-color from the heavy rain late yesterday. *Accordingly, we moved up closer to the dam where tributaries didn't play much of a role and finally found some fish. *Lots of smallish fish that were recent stockers were given a valuable lesson in being careful while eating. *The action was non-stop with fish hitting basically every cast. *We were fishing Stimulators for indicators with zebra midges dropped off the back. *The interesting thing was, probably 1/3 of our hits were on the dry fly . *I fish the Caney somewhat regularly and have rarely seen any fish, fresh stockers or otherwise consistently nailing dry flies so it was a very nice day indeed. *Now if next week can just hurry and come so I can go to the Smokies 8-).