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    Default Bama Blueline

    Got to fish a small spring fed creek today...I usually fish larger water...and today I found out how much fun small water with small gear (2wt) can be...Now I really envy you guys that live near blueline trout water....

    The banks had alot of these trees along the bank....I have seen them in the park and in north georgia...I think they are rododendron?

    I managed to land 1 bass...drifting a #12 olive wollybugger on the bottom...I lost one good fish I could see him in the 1.5 ft of water...really got my heart rate up.

    There were plenty of these...willing to take a wollybugger...

    This is the hole I stopped at....I found a no tresspassing below it....

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    Thanks for the nice pics! Is that a spotted bass that you caught or some other bass? That sunfish sure is purdy also... Good report! 8-)
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    Yes Plateau Angler that is a small spotted bass

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