Went fishing above the cascades this morning around 0800 with my friend Mark. We started picking up small bows pretty quick. Mostly 5-6 inchers. After I caught about 15 I decided to drop a green weenie off my parachute adams. First cast wham... 8" bow on the weenie. Next hole same thing and so on. I took the dry off and just went with a strike indicator about 16" up and man it was crazy. The size of the fish I caught with the weenie were much better than the dry, and it was less work. Find a run, toss in a weenie and pull out a 7-9" bow. It was a great day.

While I'm on here I want to thank my friend Hans for really helping me work on my skills. I've only been fishing a few months and his help has been the key to my success. I ended up with about 30 to my hand and countless rips. Mark caught 10 and was very happy.