well, it's about time, I was beginning to think that I was jinxed on fly fishing. Not anymore. I went to the Clinch River, near the Hwy 61 bridge about 6:30 am and within 20 minutes had the first of 5 fish on. I caught 2-9 inch rainbows 2-5 inch rainbows and 1-12 incher. I cannot tell you the name of the fly because it was given to me by a fellow I was talking with the first time I tried to fish the Clinch. There is a description in the post called "Clinch River Story", the guy told me that he had pretty good luck with it. I just had to share this cause it was a relief to finally not just spend alot of time casting.
That fly was pretty beat up, and after I swapped it, I had no more bites. Got to find that fly!