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    Default Upper Deep Creek

    I finally made it up to the Smokies this weekend for some camping and fishing. I decided I wanted to fish some new water and I had been thinking about upper Deep Creek for awhile. Anyway, I woke up nice and early Saturday morning and decided to go for it. I hiked down from the top to where the Left Fork comes in and started fishing back upstream. The fish were all very hungry and willing to hit just about any fly I tossed at 'em. I caught more browns than rainbows which was nice for a change. The browns seemed to be partial to dries but the big one of the day hit a Green Weenie and went right at 12 inches. The water level was very good and I would estimate the water temp was in the lower 60's. Later in the day I stopped higher up the creek on the hike out to catch a brookie to complete the slam and managed a couple of small ones. It was a nice day to be out on the water but the hike was intense. This would definately make a nice overnight trip though.

    Hit Lynn Camp this morning for a couple of hours before the rain began in earnest and caught around 20 fish mainly on Green Weenies and Copper Johns. The water was stained which was nice because I could practically step on the fish without spooking them. Overall it was a nice weekend in the mountains and the fishing was excellent!
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    Thanks for the great report Plateau Angler I have always wanted to try upper Deep Creek, but I probably should have tried it when I was younger since I hear it is a real steep climb back to Newfound Gap Rd. I also read your post about your trip out west, sounds like you had an eventful trip. I need to head back that way one of these days since I am closer now than when I lived in Florida. Dis you get to fish the Black Canyon of the Gunnison? If so I would be curious to hear how you did there. Keep up the good reports, but don't fish Lynn Camp too much since it's one of my favorite spots

    Have Fun!


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    whisperer sez: i have often thought about doing this hike and just have always had some reason to do something else somewhere else. thanks for bumping it back to the top in my mind. congratulation on the slam...very cool *8-)

    regards, TW

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