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Thread: Alum Cave?

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    Sorry, Smokey. I see from the User ID that my son has been on my computer here in my office

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    are you going up to leconte lodge? if you are try hiking down rainbow falls trail. about a mile from the road you will be paralleling leconte creek. stop and fish there! i dont know why but those fish are twice is fiesty as the ones we caught in walker camp prong. as the old man said we caught em on pretty much everything. if i were you i would get your stimies and ants in smaller sizes. it seems like anything larger than a 16 is harder for the fish to get in their mouth.dont ask me why, i dont know. the big fish of the day came on a 20 bwo at 8.5 inches though. hope your hike is good,and i hope your in good shape.

    the kid

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