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Thread: West Prong Little P and Little River below Elkmont

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    Default West Prong Little P and Little River below Elkmont

    Got lazy yesterday. well really I had a terrible sinus headache in the morning that's why I didn't get to the river until 12:30 pm. I rigged up at one of the quiet walkways and almost immediately a couple of fly fisherman joined me. They politely asked me if I was going to fish upstream or down. I said upstream but I told them if they wanted to fish that particular are that I will yield it and go somewhere else. They said that's okay we fish downstream. I insisted that they could have it or fish together with me. They politely declined, I guess they were afraid of my wild looks . I went on my way and began fishing. I caught four small bow's the size of my thumb. This was not normal. I took the water temp and it was 64 not too shabby. I guess the fish was just not in the mood. I fished for about two hours before I decided to go somewhere else. It was extremely muggy and I was soaking with sweat. I went down the Sugarland valley and drove over to Little River. I fished from 3 pm until dark. The fish didn't cooperate until about 6 pm. I began catching fish on top with a tan caddis size 16. I saw some caddis and yellow stone coming off sporadically. The water temp was 66. Then at about 7 pm I noticed car sitting at a pullout right in front of me and I didn't think much of it. When I looked up after haveing released a bow I saw them still sitting at the pullout with the engine running. That's when I saw what was going on. In front of me, I guess about 75 yards were this black bear crossing the stream. He never looked at me and I snapped a picture. I was too far away to get a god picture. The bear just wandered up the hill side and I kept on fishing. I caught a nice 10" Brown Trout immediately after and forgot all about the bear. It was a nice outing but tough fishing. It seems like we really need cooler weather. Let's hope Labor Day weekend brings some nicer temps.

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    Congrats on the brown! I hope you are feeling better... I'm going to do alot of fishing next weekend and wanted to see what you were up to Saturday. Give me a call this week. Kevin

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