Hey Everybody,

I haven't been in Townsend since the Fall. My wife and I are coming in town this Thursday-Monday. I know coming to fish on a holiday weekend isn't the best choice, but my wife is on a break from school, so this is the best chance I will get for a little while. Anyway, when I'm in town I always fish Little River from Metcalf up to Elkmont. I must be a creature of habit b/c this is about all I ever fish. I know with the crowds this weekend that all my favorite places are likely to be filled by others. The only options that come to my mind for getting away from the crowds are going above elkmont on Little river or hiking up Tremont. I'd like to get away from the crowds a little and catching some brookies would be an added bonus since neither Me or my Wife have ever fished for brookies in the park. If anyone has any better advice than up above elmont or tremont it would be greatly appreciated. Of course I will try some of my favorite spots on little river in the early morning just because I can't resist it, but it would be nice to get away a little and have some uncrowded water. Lastly, I will say that my wife isn't interested in any 4-5 mile walks/hikes, which will reduce some of my options, but wanted you all to know I am somewhat limited in that respect.