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    Hi everyone, my name is Kevin Johnson and am brand new to the Little River board. I know absolutely nothing about fly fishing, except that it looks so removed from what I do for a living as an airline pilot that, just maybe the solitude of nature, and the travel to do some fishing will be so enjoyable, that I will forget all about terrorists, and bomb threats, and hijacking, and flying into----well you get the idea. I really do want to learn, so keep the tips flowing.

    If you need travel advice or tips---let me know, maybe I can help.


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    hey kj.......welcome aboard. You will find that fly fishing is absolutely a major stress relief activity. May sound wierd, but I seem to find the perfect cast to be as exciting as catching fish sometimes....too each thier own...anyways, you picked a perfect forum to learn from as there are many very knowledgable folks on this site and should you get to the Townsend area and in Little River Outfitters, you will find yourself revisiting your early childhood stages (walking around with no idea where you are going, drooling, wanting to touch everything you see on the shelves, etc.....) anyways this is a great store with wonderful owners who know thier stuff and readily share the knowledge. BTW, they also do classes for fly fishing and fly tying.....

    hope you are able to pic up the information you need

    good fishing &
    God Bless

    Heaven seems a little closer .........on a Smoky Mountain stream.......
    Jeremiah 29:13

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