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    I would like some feedback on wether or not fishermen use dipnets while fishing in the Smokeys ? I personally don't use a net: for the simple reason they"re to much trouble to keep up with. Releasing and protecting the fish is mush easier with a net, so I would like to know what net to get to solve my problem. slickrock

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    I'll let others with more experience share their net preference. I will share that I have the magnetic connectors and I like them alot. If I'm fishing up high for Brookies or small Bows I don't take the net. If I'm fishing in water where I may catch a Brown, I've got the net. Just my preference.


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    Netless here. Always careful to wet the hands before handling the catch. 90% of the fish don't really require the use of a net. If I'm lucky enough to hook a good size fish, I take him to the shallows and try to remove the fly while the fish is still in the water, unless of course I need a snapshot of him. I would wager there are many differing views on this subject. If you do get one, make sure the net part is the rubber material and the holes are close together.
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    I also carry a net with the magnetic connector.It will get hung on brush every now and then, but it sure came in handy on a 16 inch brown last year. I like to be prepared, another big brown may only be one cast away.

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