I hit the Caney last weekend w/ a friend of mine...looking to land my first trout. We waded in just below the Dam and it wasn't long before my friend caught a small rainbow near a downed tree. Not long after that he caught another rainbow of pretty good size (how would I know, until today, I'd never seen one).

I was getting a little nervous at this point that I would get shut out. I switched to a bead head nymph and got a hit right away...but I missed him. Not long after that I hooked one but he dove for the bottom and I got a lot of seaweed type junk all other my line. Just as I got him in close...splash...he was off!! The next one I brought in and had him in my hand for a split second and he wiggled out and splash...he was gone!!!

I went for a while with out much action and switched to a red San Juan Worm (a suggestion from a lifelong fisherman here at the office) and I landed a nice size rainbow. I borrowed my buddy's net and landed him. It was the coolest thing I ever expierenced in my short fishing life. I held him for just a few seconds and back into the Caney he went.

I had a great time and plan visiting the tailwater a lot more in the future. I'm off for the Smokies this weekend in search of more trout.

Good luck out there!