Couldn't stay home or rather couldn't sleep due to bachache and allergies. Left Knoxville at 4 am and stopped at Waffle House in Alcoa. Got my fill and ended up below Elkmont at 5:35 am. Pitch black and nothing to do but listen to the roaring river which I couldn't see. I listened to XM radio for awhile and at 6: 45 am. I was able to see enough to gear up. I began fishing a Prinche BH with no luck. The water was very swift and somewhat silty. I guess they got some good rain up on top of the hills. The temp was 64 in the water. I finally got a small rainbow when I switched to a Yellow Stimulator. It was 10 am before I got my second Bow a nice leaping 10". Then I began to get some strikes but wasn't able to hook em. I had tremendous difficulty with drag due to high water and nymphing didn't work for me at all. I quit at noon when a steady rain began to fall. I managed to drop one full spool of fluorocarbon in the drink and got burned by some kind of poison oak or something. It hurt pretty bad but I carry a first aid kit which everyone should do. I managed to find some ointment to put on.

I decided to stop in at LRO to buy some flies and some new wading socks. I bought a nice soft pair of Simms socks. I was happy to see that they were still made in U.S.A. Anyway after hearing about all the great fishing reports from Byron I wished I had gone yesterday. I needed a break though. I stopped at Subway for a pizza and it took thirty minutes to get to the front of the line. Got him to Knoxville at 3 pm and now I'm dead tired. I don't know why I'm telling you all this, I guess since my fishing has not been too good this Labor Day weekend I have to fill up my stories with something