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    Can anyone give me an idea on what the fishing will be like around the cataloochee campground this coming weekend? If I got into Townsend @ about 3-4 p.m. thur. How long would it take to get there? Any advice on heading overthere. I'm thinking of coming up on Thur, fishing fri-sun .I was going to bring a freind and do some back country camping but looks like I'll be solo. Don't want to tote all my junk in myself so I thought the cat... camp ground would be the next best thing. I have never been any where but the Townsend area.LRO is the only place I know to get fliesand fishing lic. Is there enough places to fish over there for two days? Do i have to res. camp spaces and how booked up are they ? thought about elk mont thur. and fri ,cat.sat.,and sun.

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    From Townsend you got around 2 hours if traffic is not heavy. Decent federal campground that has a restroom. Considerable amount of water to explore. you got Cat. and Palmer creeks. Try downstream from the campground below the area were there are some Ranger homes. Stay alert.

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