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    I am getting ready to tie up some green weenies. What are your favorite sizes?, is it a beadhead and what color bead, and how long is the tail and is it twisted? I have seen a lot of versions and I am trying to get a consensus.


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    Tom, I have tied them with a black tungsten bead head as well as some I have painted red. I really can't tell a difference between the number of strikes and the color of the bead.

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    I usually tie with a #14 with a small loop at the tail end and a black bead head. With Chartruese being the main color, though there are some yellowish tan inch worms up there, but haven't really tied up any - the chartruese works well enough..
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    been tying mine with #14 and using a red or orange glass bead I snitched from my wifes jewelry making supplies...seems to work well... I also have been tying a lead wire wrap before the chanelle for weight........just fyi....gotta have the loop.....

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    Hey guys- Try a Chartruese San Juan worm and see how it works. I've been putting a small black beadhead on an Aberdeen hook, placing one singed end of the "San Juan worm" in the bead, tieing 3 Krystal flash legs behind the bead then leaving the rest trailing. I started a designing a Green (Rockworm) caddis larvae pattern then got playing with it and lengthened the vernille to imitate the catepillar (worm).

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