fished the east fork of the stones today for about an hour. caught 2 redeye and a good size smallie. here's the story.
about 2 weeks ago i was fishing with a little popper and hooked a panfish, it was one of those that has orange on its belly. i was stripping it in and the biggest smallie ive ever seen in that river came up and tried to eat it. after i unhooked the fish i threw my every streamer and popper i had at that fish but he wouldnt eat them. at home that night i tied a fly that looked pretty much like a panfish, it had orange on the underside, at least. i got a chance to go this evening between homework and dinner. i cast it up under an overhanging rock and... wham! a redeye came out and hammered it. put up a pretty good fight. i wade up about 20 yards to the next pool. it was good and deep. right below where an old dam use to be. 2-3 casts later i had a 2 pound smallie on the end of my line. thats a pretty good fish for the stones with a fly rod. after that i put some split shot on my fly and fished it deep and caught another redeye. it feels good to tie your own fly and it work. it did today at least.